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Meet Meghan

Meghan is a visual artist specializing in acrylic painting. She grew up in Miami, FL, spent the last 10 years in Brooklyn, NY and recently relocated to San Diego, CA. Inspiration from all three cities is visible in the vibrant colors and bold style depicted throughout her work. Meghan currently lives with her husband Devin and dog Olive. She loves reading and napping (seriously).

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Artist Statement

My art is inspired by the full spectrum of the human experience and finding ways to turn pain into power. Life can feel like a trainwreck and a miracle—often simultaneously—and both are worth acknowledging. My work aims to dispel shame around difficult topics, remind viewers that everyone is carrying their own complex history we can't see, and encourage empathy. I use vibrant colors and bold contrasts to grab your attention, pull you in, and invite you to slow down. 

“Meghan created a portrait of my three children that brings a favorite memory of mine to life every time I look at her painting. I’ve yet to have a guest over who hasn’t commented on the beauty and joy she captured. The colors, textures, and extraordinary attention to detail show how much care she puts into her work and illuminates my children and the love they were made for in a way words and photographs can’t.”
Dianna B.

Personalized Canvas Paintings 

Do you have a specific subject matter in mind for an original painting? I do commissions. My specialties are people and pets, but I can paint almost anything you’d like. All I need is a clear photo reference or two. I charge based on painting size and the number of subjects in the image. Contact me to learn more about specific canvas size options and pricing.


Pro tip: commissions make excellent gifts. Give someone a one-of-kind painting they’ll cherish. Nothing beats a gift that holds special value specific to the recipient. 

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