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Contact & Commissions

Interested in a commission or purchasing an original painting?

I do commissions! I specialize in portraiture but can also paint pets. All I require is a photo reference. Please send me an email at with your reference photo.

For the price of an original painting, fill out the form or email me

Thanks for submitting!

“Meghan created a portrait of my three children that brings a favorite memory of mine to life every time I look at her painting. I’ve yet to have a guest over who hasn’t commented on the beauty and joy she captured. The colors, textures, and extraordinary attention to detail show how much care she puts into her work and illuminates my children and the love they were made for in a way words and photographs can’t.”
Dianna B.

Hey there

I’m a professional visual artist specializing in acrylic painting. I grew up in Miami, Florida and spent the last 10 years in Brooklyn, New York. I started painting for fun as a child and minored in Fine Arts at the University of Miami. After working in the corporate world for close to a decade (daydreaming about painting while stuck in meetings), I finally switched gears to pursue a living as an independent artist full time. My art is inspired by the full spectrum of the human experience and finding ways to turn pain into power. Read more about my methods and where I draw inspiration from in the about section.

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